An Overview of Distance Psychology Counseling

These days, due to saving time, money and energy, most medical activities such as counseling can be done remotely and it has become very popular among the people. Usually, people prefer to be able to communicate with their doctor remotely. Telemedicine is active in all branches such as psychiatry-psychology, dentistry, radiology, etc. Online counseling is also suitable for people living outside of Iran, and in distance counseling that It can be done online. The person can do his / her consultation in writing or also by audio and video through the desired site. To do this and especially for audio and video consultations, the person must have the desired internet speed. Due to the speed, security and the very high number of users, people can communicate with their desired consultant remotely at a much lower cost and easily share their problems and concerns with him and provide the necessary advice. To identify and treat their disorders or diseases or reduce them as well as increase n Receive their strength.

An overview of the activities of a psychologist

What is the role of a psychologist?

In general, a psychologist is a specialist in the humanities and psychology. They study the science of the human mind and focus on how thoughts end in emotions and behaviors. Psychologists work in a variety of fields. They may provide services at mental health clinics, hospitals, medical and research centers or counseling centers.

So what exactly is the job of a psychologist? It depends on the field in which it operates. The following are the duties and services of psychological counseling centers:

Clinical Psychologist Counselor: A clinical psychologist counselor helps people with mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, grief, social problems, etc. through conversation and behavior therapy.

Online Psychologist Counselor: An online psychologist uses therapies such as talking and other methods like other counseling psychologists. The only difference is that they do this remotely, from anywhere via the Internet.

Academic Counseling: Academic counseling may work at any level of the education system (from preschool to university). The role of the academic advisor is to help the students in the school. They can also work with parents and teachers to provide a better learning environment for the student.

Child Psychologist: Obviously, a child psychologist works in the field of child counseling. They also work with the child's parents and sometimes other family members to raise the child. The main task of a child psychologist is to help the child prevent and deal with psychological trauma in order to improve family relationships, deal with depression or aggression in children, and teach life skills to children using child psychology.

Sometimes people with mental health problems need medication to reduce the symptoms of illness and mental disorders and help them experience a better life. The question most people ask when seeing a psychologist is: Can psychologists prescribe medication? In many cases, they can not. It is usually up to a psychiatrist or doctor to prescribe medication or medication rather than a psychologist.

A good psychologist, as part of his job, must listen carefully to what the client has to say. Sometimes, all a client needs is to be heard by an understanding person. A good psychologist should be a skilled and active listener to be able to understand the references that are often overlooked by family and friends.

You probably have ideas about your mental health problems, what causes them, or how to overcome them. Many counselors are happy to hear what you have to say and let you talk until you reach a conclusion. In addition, they can provide feedback to help facilitate your attitude.

Whether we go to a psychologist to help treat depression and anxiety or to resolve marital disputes, our mental health problems can affect our attitudes toward life events and circumstances. In these cases, a clinical psychologist can create a realistic attitude in us. Even if you describe an event in an emotional context, a clinical psychologist is able to extract facts from your descriptions and share his or her views with you.

Although you may have a general idea of ​​the problems in your life, you may not know enough about your mental health status that needs to be addressed.

Also, you may be aware of only one problem (without knowing the other problems that are causing you anxiety). A clinical psychologist can assess your feelings and behavior by interviewing you and performing a psychological test to assess your mental processes. A psychologist may advise you on specific symptoms to determine further clinical assessments of your mental health status.

People who suffer from psychological trauma resulting from the experience of bad past events often need psychological counseling to deal with stress, anxiety, and negative emotional feelings related to their painful condition or trauma. A psychologist is not only listening to your problems, but can help you understand how these traumas have affected your mental health. They can guide you to a better view of your mental health problems and help you build your strength. To overcome more psychological damage and experience a better life.

Online counseling can help a person deal with mental health problems. The question most people ask is, can an online psychologist really offer me the same kind of treatments that I get from a clinical psychologist around my place of residence (face-to-face counseling)? This is a fair question, especially if you have not used many online services.

The answer to this question is that a psychologist who works through an online counseling site can certainly provide the same kind of health care, the same level of emotional support and expert help as you can from a psychologist you can in your community. Gain to offer.

Whether you have a severe mental illness or just need help coping with daily stress, starting with a psychological counselor can improve your mental health and help you live a better and happier life as soon as possible.